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Joan Rivers revealed in 2K14 Michelle is a Tranz-Genda

Eightball D'Truth Seeka
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Beyonce wearing a fake baby bump.

Eightball D'Truth Seeka
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Ciara and Angela Bassett is dead, cloned and replaced.

Eightball D'Truth Seeka
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They had mistakingly said Obama instead of Osama.

Eightball D'Truth Seeka
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Cardi B was never a female.

Eightball D'Truth Seeka
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Arranged Marriage,,, grab Your bucket.

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Street fighter vs preachers

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At 1:20 was a mistake. This is not Jim Bakker, but Bill Winston.

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Eightball D'Truth Seeka
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Wait for the very last scene ;)
It looks like sinister media that have a message to small kids.
Be aware:
Music videos today are fast and action-packed: You cannot process many slides shown in one second! Remove the children from the screens, or they will be turned against the family and themself.

Eightball D'Truth Seeka
131 Views 23 days ago

Saddam was 3xecuted by hanging.

Eightball D'Truth Seeka
7 Views 23 days ago

J-Bro was never a woman...

Eightball D'Truth Seeka
562 Views 25 days ago

Neil Landed on the moon?

Eightball D'Truth Seeka
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John McCain Executed

Eightball D'Truth Seeka
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Eightball D'Truth Seeka
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He- ara

Eightball D'Truth Seeka
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Research Your Religion

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