Premium Video Terms & Conditions

Premium Video Terms & Conditions DEFINITION In these Terms and Conditions, "Seller" means the copyright owner and/or account owner at where the premium video is published; "Buyer" means the person or viewer who will purchase a premium video; and "Premium Video" is a professionally produced content that is published to and meant to be sold by the copyright/account owner.

1. COST & PRICE BREAKDOWN The seller can choose to sell their premium video from at any cost The e-commerce transaction charge of 2.9% + 30 cents will be implemented per transaction and the remaining amount will be distributed between the seller and as follows: The seller receives 80% and receives 20%.

2. PAYMENT & WITHDRAWAL The buyer must pay at full price using a valid credit card. Generally, on purchasing a premium video, the platform can accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. The seller can withdraw their earnings on the last day of each month, for the purchases made during the previous month, once the balance reaches at least $100. Payment method is PayPal. For U.S. citizens and entities, a completed W9 form (IRS tax compliance) may be requested by the platform before the earnings can be fully withdrawn. For non U.S. entities, a different form may be required in order for to comply with IRS regulations.

3. REFUND A buyer can not request any refund on any given reason from date of purchase, pending approval. A deleted video sold by a seller will not be grounds for a refund.

4. TRANSACTION HISTORY All transactions made by the buyer and seller will be reflected on their account dashboard. Simply log in to your account at and navigate to the "Transactions" tab under your dashboard to see your transaction history.

5. COPYRIGHT POLICY By uploading videos to, content creators/sellers assert they have the legal right to distribute the entire content of their video(s), including music, sound effects, video and still images associated with the video. In any event that a premium video has been reuploaded by other users who are violating the intellectual property rights of the original video owner, the video owner may make a copyright claim by opening a support ticket.