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nasa s secret relationship with Department of Defense thru out the planning and funding of NASAs shuttle construction. detailed documents showing DODs involvement and strict orders or else ...... from building specs , to mission planning. for NASA a civilian agency odd finding out 90% of funding was from D.O.D

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he was dead wrong for that, because even i couldny hold it in

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few shots i took of moon and lightening strikes

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I am a video content maker

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Cardi B was never a female.

Eightball D'Truth Seeka
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Arranged Marriage,,, grab Your bucket.

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So who loves homework when they were kids? Well I hated homework so much that I had a stack of homework in my bookbag. Enjoy the video.

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⁣Barefoot, Dazed & Dressed In Bathrobe: Wendy Williams Sparks
Fresh Fears For Her Welfare After Bizarre Apartment Lobby Appearance

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⁣Wendy Williams is promising a return to the spotlight with her new podcast, titled “The Wendy Experience.” In a promo for the series on Instagram, she wrote, “Trust me I will be back!”

The former daytime TV host teased the upcoming release with a brief clip depicting the show’s hot-pink logo and a video of her saying, “Co-hosts, I’m famous and I’ll be back — trust me.” She reiterated the message in her caption, which included hashtags “#wendyexperiencepodcast #welcome #back #stay #positive#cohost #nyc.”

Graves disease and addiction).
Williams has notably been absent from her eponymous talk show since last year. Initially, a breakthrough COVID diagnosis delayed the series’ return from September to October. Upon its planned return, another hiatus was announced due to “ongoing medical issues” (in the past, the host has taken several breaks, citing complications with the thyroid immune disorder

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⁣Candid: The singer, 30, enthused about returning to the studio while
admitting she felt 'musically isolated' in lockdown when the tightest
coronavirus restrictions were in place

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Something didn't like as a kid, very nasty, smells bad, Mom sometimes cook it for me, canned spinach.

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fredrick and jaquis dont play around

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do you think she read it out loud in class?

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Its that damn snapchat filter

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6 flags commercial

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Art, Entertainment, Creativity.

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do you know anyone that does this?

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